This is the customers second home and wanted the look of elegance while keeping relatively low maintenance. We installed the driveway and front walk using Dansville Beige Mega Lafitt with a Gascony Tan Urbana border. The drive also includes a inlay of Gascony Tan Mega Arbel inlay.

We continued the Mega Arbel down a walkway from this drive leading to a small patio in the backyard. This is where the grill is staged along with a small seating area. We used large lannon steps leading to and from the deck.

Due to the setback off of the lake, we decided to design a functional entertaining space which included a composite deck that leads out of the back of the house and planters constructed of natural sawed lannon stone which brought a natural but beautiful appearance to the landscape. The plants that were used throughout the landscape (i.e. Ornamental grasses and a wide variety of perennials) require little to no maintenance.

The entire grass area was sodded using Premium Kentucky Blue Grass so the customer could enjoy the area immediately.